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My name is Chris Proud and I am Head Coach at Walton Tennis Club.  My School of Tennis specialises in Club Coaching and my role is to create an inspiring environment for students to learn in. I believe that the learning process should be creative, enjoyable and a natural one that helps train students to achieve high levels of performance whilst having fun.
The foundation of learning for Tennis is based around four core components,
> PHYSICAL Strength ,flexibility ,endurance, agility, explosive speed. balance.
> MENTAL Concentration, ,discipline ,temperament ,mastering self.
> TECHNICAL Footwork patterns, contact mechanics of shots.
> TACTICAL Built around awareness, strategy , patterns, spins , power in game situation.
My approach is built around developing these four core components but encouraging students to develop a questioning approach to learning , seeking to find answers from self awareness, experimentation, creativity and most importantly having fun.

 Junior Coaching programme for members and non members   (For more details, Click here)              (SEE FURTHER BELOW for ADULT COACHING)

This coaching programme runs throughout the year, following the pattern of school terms  (although the junior mix-in continues throughout the holidays as well)

It follows the LTA classification based on ability, but each ‘colour’ gives an approximate age range

Costs: £6 per session (members: £5 a session) unless otherwise stated

UNDER 11’s – join the club (£35) and get a voucher for 3 FREE lessons

Saturday Morning  (indoor facilities available)

Mini tots age 2-5       9.45-10.15 am £2.50 a session

Mini red age 5-7        9.30- 10.30 am

Mini orange age 7-9  10.30-11.30 am

Mini green age 9-11  11.30-12.30 am

Saturday morning junior sessions continue through the summer holidays on a pay as you go basis. Check details with me, Chris.

Wednesday evening

Performance squad, 11 and under (invitation only)         5 – 6 pm

After school Club  5-6pm

Friday evening

FREE Junior supervised mix-in  11+  4 – 6 pm (members only)


Multisport  Holiday Camps  – Easter/Summer

Sports including Tennis, Football, Cricket, Hockey, along with many more fun activities. We can guarantee you won’t be bored in the  holidays! Our staff have up to 7 different sports coaching qualifications  so learning and having a good time is a perfect balance.

Check the website for details or email

Price: £22 per day  (£11 per half day)  but only £20 per day for Club members      Discounts for siblings or booking a whole week 

Adult coaching
Sunday 1-2pm (Spring and Summer)

Adult improvers (Rusty Racquets)

Rally drill based session working on the latest techniques to improve your game. All drills based around the four core components.To help in the learning process we have tried to move away from verbal learning where only 7%  of words   are remembered, to a more visual, kinaesthetic questioning approach

One to one private lessons for all ages £22 per hour              Equal to 8 group sessions in the learning process so still the fastest and cost effective way to learn.Based on the four components again but tailor made – whatever area you need working on gets the full treatment. Most common area is the mental side – If you can combine relaxation, technique and be non- judgemental  in the outcome,  you can play to your full potential.

In addition I have been giving coaching help to the Men’s  and Ladies team players in preparation for the match season.

I am also there at the Thursday night mix-in to play, and to discuss coaching, restringing etc and to welcome  new members to the Club.

A Restringing service  and tennis equipment are also available -choosing from a wide range of well known brands and makes.

For further details about these services, coaching courses, or for Private lessons,

Contact me at


Or Telephone 07952473324