If you are interested in joining the club, download an application form from the home page and send it to the Membership Secretary with your cheque, or pay by Bank Transfer.

We think our subscription offers good value:

  • Balls are also provided at all times during the summer months.
  • We also include FREE weekly team coaching sessions in the winter months
  • a choice of 8 mix-ins throughout the week
  • FREE wifi, recently installed.

Subscriptions can be paid in full, or in quarterly installments, subject to a surcharge.  A standing order form for this is available as a download.

Our subscriptions for the next season are shown below and the subscription year starts on June 1st. If you join after October 1st  of any year the subs are reduced pro-rata. (eg the fee for 8/12's of the year is 8/12th's of the full subscription). If you want to join earlier in the season than June, please contact Carol Stanley to discuss costs.

As a special offer this year, all new adult members, paying the full annual subscription, will be given a voucher for a free lesson with our coach, Chris Proud.

Student members can opt to pay for the year from September to September to fit in with their academic year if this is more convenient.

We have introduced a reduced subscription for our younger members, those under 11. In recognition of the fact they are unable to come and play by themselves, we allow them to bring an adult to come and play with them for free when courts are available, and give a voucher for 3 free lessons with Chris Proud in his coaching groups. This season we will also be giving this voucher to juniors Under 12.

If you have any questions about membership or payment please contact Carol Stanley, our membership secretary.

Please send your form and payment to:

Membership Secretary
Carol Stanley
Tel: 01785 665306

Membership Class Fee
Senior (Individual) £190.00
Senior (2 partners) £345.00
Senior (65 & over) £170.00
Restricted £140.00
Full Time Student/Under 21 £50.00
Family Membership £395.00
Junior (Under 19) £45.00
Junior (Under 11) £35.00
Country Membership £95.00
Associate £10.00
Membership Class Details
Senior AGE 21 Yrs or over on 31 DEC. preceding new season.
Senior (2 partners) AGE 21 Yrs or over on 31 DEC. preceding new season.
Senior (65 & over) AGE 65 Yrs or over on 31 DEC. preceding new season. Enjoys same playing rights as SENIOR MEMBERS.
Family Membership 2 Partners & 2 or more children under 18 Yrs on 31 DEC. preceding new season.
Restricted AGE 21Yrs or over on 31 December preceding new season. May play only Monday to Friday up to 6 pm except with regard to Club Regulation 1 – Playing Facilities & Court Priority. Restricted Members are not eligible for team selection but may enter Club Championship Tournaments but not Social Tournaments.
Student or Under21 All young people under 21 on 31 DEC. preceding new season, plus older students still in full-time education or apprentices. Enjoy the same playing rights as SENIOR MEMBERS.
Junior U 19 UNDER 19 Yrs on 31 Dec. preceding new season, or in full time secondary education.
Junior U 11 UNDER 11 Yrs on 31 Dec. preceding new season.
Country Members living over 25miles from club. Enjoy same playing rights as SENIOR MEMBERS. It is expected that such members will only play occasionally.
Associate AGED OVER 18 Yrs. May use the facilities of the bar and Clubhouse.